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Jukro Organic Green Tea - Sejak (1st Flush)

Jukro Organic Green Tea - Sejak (1st Flush)



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    • Jukro Green Tea is the best premium handmade Korean tea from Hadong province. It is well-known as the king’s green tea. After the green tea leaves are freshly picked under the bamboo trees that are grown in the clean estate, they undergo a process called the traditional stir-frying method. This tea is characteristic of the master Korean tea maker, Cho Tae-yeon Family with its deep layered flavors and smooth finish.
    • Sejak [Produced from April 20~25] - Jungjak [Produced from May 1~7] - Daijak [Produced from Mid May]
    • Solemn taste in the combination of a sweet and bitter taste with a varied and deep fragrance of tea
    • The nutritionally optimal period with a deep color of tea leaves
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