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Jukro Tea Company located in Hwagae; Jiri Mountain, the tradition of green tea making was passed down from the 1st generation of Cho, Tae Yeon Ong, the 2nd generation of Cho, Seong Ho and the 3rd generation of Cho, Yun Seok since 1962. Handmade, Jukro Tea has kept for a long time with a spirit of the master with its refined taste, deep perfume and green leave color.



Jukro Tea Farm, located in the perfect natural environment of Korea, Jiri Mountain, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the pure Sumjin River, has been producing the best quality handmade tea with systematic and hygienic management and honest attitude for a long time. Jukro Tea Company has continued for 50 years, inspiring a deep aroma and taste in a tea with a modest spirit of artisan-ship and pride under a corporate spirit of never selling poor quality tea.


Jukro Tea, as for its leaves, manufacturer and equipment were approved by organic certification of Europe, USA, Japan, and recognized to be a tea produced with organic ingredients using hygienic equipment by acquiring Green Agricultural Product Certification and ISO Certification.

Characteristics of Jukro Tea

We treat the tea leaves with heat (roasting), after cultivating and harvesting in the pristine energy of nature in Jiri mountain, with inherent production and make a natural seasoning before 2nd roasting with a sincere mind for a long time, and complete every process by hand. This Jukro Tea, inclusive of an abundant and clear aroma, delivers to you a true and deep flavor.

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