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Omija tea (Schisandra berry tea) has five tastes-sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. It is widely used in Korea and China for medicinal purpose. Ssangkye Omija tea is carefully made only with the best Korea-bred Omija. Omija Tea has a refreshingly sour taste and helps you gather your energy and strengthen your body and mind.

How to Drink:Put 12 Omijas in 200ml of water and then boiled it. When water starts boiling, turn the fire low and then heat it for 10 minutes. Take Omijas out of the pot before drinking. For better taste, you can add some sugar or honey. In summertime, you can place the tea in the refrigerator to enjoy cool Omija tea.

Price: $32

Price : $32
Qty : 80g
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