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 The history of Hankook Tea Company may well be called Modern history of Korean tea. From the early 1950s, when green tea was not familiar in Korea, Korea Tea Company took root at the foot of Mudeung mountain and has provided a variety of natural teas for tea lovers ever since. We also have prepared 100 acres of tea farms at Boseong, Yeongam, Jangseong and Haenam, which are appropriate places to grow tea trees. With 50 year's experience, know-how and sincerity, we have given tea lovers the opportunities to enjoy superb teas at reasonable price





Jangsung Tea Farm

Established in 1965, the tea plantation is located in the most northern point of the province with ideal climate temperatures for the growth of tender and green leaves. Planted at this location are 40 year old, 30 year old and 15 year old tea shrubs, carefully maintained for consistency in excellence. Most importantly, because of the cooler climate of this particular plantation, the tea shrubs reserved for matcha (powdered green tea) are carefully cultivated under a cloth canopy.






Young-am Tea Farm

Distinguished by a generous soil and optimal cool climates, the picturesque plantation at the foot of Wol-chul Mountain is the biggest and most productive tea plantation operated by Hankook Tea Company. Started in 1979, the pristine lines of tea shrubs are recognized as one of Korea’s finest, possessing the most desirable flavors.






 Hae-Nam Tea Farm

The farm was established in 1981 at the district of Hae-Nam.





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